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On Final Cut Pro and Avid, Adobe Premiere &Aftereffect

Since January 2018: Video editing for Matthias Mazur


  • Visitations - 13’ - A photographic work from Michel Follorou written and directed byPatrick Zeyen, AMF Productions, 2014. Exhibition 2012-2014 série of 6 films of 80’ directed by Jean-François Davy. Production Movinside. Tunnel DB, 2009- 52’ documentary Director Nedim Loncarevic . 8 & plus Prod, Paris."Laurier Grand reporter-Prix Patrick Bourrat" Villes nouvelles.Talks with JE Roullier, 2006- 120’ directed by Gilbert Kelner, Lilith Production. Regard sur les regards d’hier,2006- 52 ‘ Documentary directed by V Houdet.Lilith Production The cell.2005- DVD directed by Veronique KLEINER, CNRS-Images Production. Metamorphosis of matter,2005- 26’ directed by JP Mirouze, Flightmovie production. Making of Les choristes from C Barratier,2004- directed by D Delesforges. Tobago production. Kosovo, on the way to peace 20’ directed by Redouane Belayachi, CNRS-Images Production. Caillebotte,1994-52’ directed by Alain Jaubert, Les Films du Bouc production.

Postproduction for Discovery Channel, 2004-2013 @Woods TV, Paris. +Photoshop & Livetype.
Mon doudou et moi. 25 * 2’ directed by D. Delesforges and C. Paillard. Tobago Production.
Court-circuit on Arte : Quay Brothers 8’ by F. Ramade, Alain Guiraudie 8’ by G. Perru.
Faut pas rêver Fr3 Production,Best of the BIG DIL Tigres Production, Paris.
La route, Vidéomage. Paris, Jeunes Reporters, Zoom-zoom production.
Bande-à-part, Canal+. 2000,2001.

Mardi 1er Août. Short 7’30. Comedy screened on October 14th at Péniche Cinéma. 2010.
La Brocante,2008-13’ directed by Marie-José Auriac, Camera scola Production, Paris.
Chut, 2007- Animation HD 11’ directed by Isoline Favier. Strapontin Production ; Selected at the Creteil Film Festival.
Sacrés cœurs,1998- 52’ docu-fiction directed by Emmanuel Placereau, Paris.
Voix privée,1997- 7’, directed by Philippe Papadopoulos.1997.

Portraits of jewellery creators ,2009-7x2’ directed by V Oks for www.paris-joaillerie.com
Bijoux de famille.2008- 2x3’ directed by Virginie Oks on www.paris-joaillerie.com

Delphine BRONZI, actor 4’-2013
Trailers for Production designers on series of 26 episodes ,2009 www.andmax.com
Moulinex, 2002 -trailer 3’ for a 52’ documentary directed by C Tréfousse, Lilith Production

Minga ,Le commerce équitable, 2006- 13’directed by Catherine Trefousse, Lilith Production.
Seita 9’, Syntil 40’, La défense 15’, Amora’s cup 5x4’, Schlumberger 50’…

30’’Clowny Shake, Europe1, Organics, Chocos-1994-2001 Monteurs’studio, Editors, Giraudy…

Lords of Acid,3’, La république dominicaine5’,1998- Monteurs’studio, Paris.